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About CascadeOutside Outdoor Gear Search Tool

Why did we create CascadeOutside? It was born out of frustration. While there are gear review sites out there with pricing info but none gave a comprehensive list of prices for products. Most people shop online because they want the best price, if they want service they go and support their local retailer.

We started this journey with a tool that worked ok but it had a major flaw; it was pretty much impossible to aggregate all prices for each individual product. It requires a lot of code and there is whole team dedicated at Amazon dedicated to this topic.

Then a lightbulb when off. Why not use the smartest computer there is, the visitors brain? If we could present the data in a way that was easy to understand and fast to manipulate, people could figure out the best price on their own. No need for a billion lines of code.



Released into teh wildz!

November 14, 2012

CascadeOutside was built using Zurb Foundation, jQuery, Datatables jQuery Plugin, MySQL, Apache Solr, Redis, Nginx, Google Analytics, and Node.js. Thanks to all those amazing developers who provide these incredible tools free of charge.
Developed on a Mac using Sublime Text 2, MAMP, VirtualHostX, Git, SourceTree, Snippets, Sequel Pro, Spotify, OmniFocus, Merlin, Evernote, and lots of swearing.

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